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BRI Call Center Number & Toll Free Customer Service

For you customers or prospective BRI customers, you need to know information about the BRI call center number. Because this number will be very useful if you want to find out information or experience problems with BRI services quickly.

Especially if you are in an urgent situation and cannot reach the nearest BRI Bank service. So, the choice to contact the red plate bank call center number is the right choice.

Bank BRI, which is a state-owned bank, provides a call center number to make it easier for you to get the information you need, through the BRI call center number 14017 or (021) 1500-017. The call center number can be accessed for 24 hours by all BRI customers.

BRI Call Center Number Service

In general, customers who contact the call center number are more for urgent services, such as blocking ATMs, complaints of ATM cards being swallowed by the machine or also reports of fraud.

Because this BRI call center number can be contacted at any time by customers. Meanwhile, if you visit a BRI bank office, customers must follow the office opening hours.

Then actually, what services can you get as a BRI customer through a BRI call center number?

The bank, which stands for Bank Rakyat Indonesia, claims that customers can get all information related to BRI services through the BRI call center number, from checking balances, information on BRI service products, to information about credit cards.

In addition, no less important, this call center number service can also directly process ATM blocking, either because the ATM is lost or is swallowed by the ATM machine.

Customers can also complain about service problems ranging from failed banking services, unknown transactions to fraudulent reports.

How to Call BRI Bank Call Center Number

The BRI call center number 14017 or (021) 1500-017 can be directly contacted by customers via landlines or mobile phones. However, what must be ensured is that if a customer wants to use the call center number service via cellphone, he must ensure that he has sufficient credit balance.

Because contacting the BRI call center service is not toll-free, and the tariffs are charged according to the policies of each cellular operator.

The advantage is that through the call center number, customers can call anytime according to customer needs for 24 hours, including Sundays or holidays. Usually, when contacting a BRI call center, customers will be directly served by BRI customer service officers.

Customers can immediately express their needs to the officer. Furthermore, the bank officer will process the service by first asking the customer's identity, starting with the full name, account number and the name of the biological mother.

This is to match and ensure the identity of the caller matches the owner of the BRI bank account. Only after that, the officer processes the needs of the customer.

BRI Call Center Toll Free

In addition to the BRI call center number 14017 or (021) 1500-017, BRI Bank also provides BRI call center services via WhatsApp, various social media platforms, or the BRI contact form on the BRI official website.

1. Via Whatsapp

The BRI call center via WhatsApp can be an option for customers to obtain information or make complaints without using credit. As long as the internet package is active, you can make a complaint or request via the Smart BRI New Assistant (Sabrina) chatbot via Whatsapp number 08121214017.

The trick, you just need to send a message to the Whatsapp number 08121214017 with the greeting format 'Hello' then send it

Then you will get an automatic Whatsapp reply containing:

Good evening, xxxxx. I'm Sabrina, BRI's virtual assistant who is ready to help you.

I can provide information on Promo Products or type Info* to find out all the services I can provide.

Then reply to Whatsapp messages according to your needs.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can also communicate directly with Contact BRI through the Live Chat menu with Contact BRI.

2. Through BRI social media

In addition to the call center number and WhatsApp, you can also contact customer service via BRI social media. But keep in mind, make sure that the BRI social media account you access is a verified official BRI account. The following are the names of BRI's official social media:

  • BRI Instagram: @bankbri_id
  • Facebook: @BRIofficialpage
  • Twitter: @kontakBRI

3. Via the BRI Contact Form

The BRI Contact Form can also be one of your choices to convey BRI service problems. You can access this BRI Contact Form from the official BRI website

The method:

  1. On the official BRI website page, select the contact us menu
  2. Next, a BRI form will appear which consists of; name, email, phone number, topic of need, and message body
  3. Fill in the form correctly and as needed
  4. When finished, enter the captcha text, then select the send option
  5. After that, wait until you get a reply from the BRI officer regarding your problem.

BRI Customer Service at the Nearest BRI Bank Office

If some of the call center options above cannot answer the problem or information you need. You can go directly to BRI customer service at the nearest BRI office in your area.

When you arrive at the bank, you take the BRI CS queue number and wait for your turn to be called. But keep in mind that if you go to BRI bank CS to submit your complaint, you need to bring the required documents such as an identity card and a BRI savings book.

So, that's a review of BRI call center numbers and other BRI call centers that you can access if you encounter problems or want to obtain information related to BRI services.

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