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How to Check BTN Account Balance with These 5 Ways

How to check the balance of a BTN account can now be done in various ways. Currently, Bank BTN customers can choose a method that is considered practical and easy, either directly through a bank or ATM or online via a smartphone.

The convenience of checking banking balance services is currently developing along with technological advances. If so far, people generally check directly at ATMs or banks, now there are features such as mobile banking, internet banking to sms banking that make it easier for customers.

Bank BTN or State Savings Bank (BTN) is one of the banks that provides the balance check service feature. If you are a customer or prospective customer of bank BTN, you need to listen to reviews on how to check BTN account balances which the Sepulsa team summarizes as follows:

Check BTN Account Balance via ATM

This method of checking BTN account balances through ATMs is the most common method chosen by the public. Apart from being easy, checking BTN account balances through this ATM does not require a registration process to the bank.

Customers only need to use an ATM card and enter the correct PIN number. Then you can check BTN account balances and various other services such as cash withdrawals, money transfers between Bank BTN accounts or other banks, making payments and other features.

The method:

  1. goog_104733904Enter the Bank BTN ATM card then select the language, namely Indonesian
  2. Enter the six digit bank BTN ATM PIN number
  3. Select More Transaction option
  4. After that several service options will appear, select the Balance Information option.
  5. Next, select the type of Savings account. Then a balance information display will appear containing the ATM card number, account number and the amount of the Bank BTN account balance.

Check BTN Account Balance via Mobile Banking

How to check your BTN account balance through this feature, you must make sure to download the BTN Mobile Banking application on your device or smartphone. This BTN Mobile Banking as intended makes it easy for customers to access banking services in a practically safe and comfortable way.

Only through their smartphone, customers can enjoy various banking services in real time. Such as making payments or purchases, checking BTN account balances, transfers between BTN Banks or other banks, anytime and anywhere. However, what you need to remember is that customers need to register a cellphone number first.

  1. First, customers need to register a mobile number to be registered for BTN Mobile Banking, it can be through Bank BTN Customer Service at Bank BTN Outlets.
  2. After successfully registering, customers must download the BTN Mobile Banking application through the Play Store or Apple Store.
  3. Then activate BTN Mobile Banking in the application that has been downloaded on your cellphone
  4. If it is active, open the application and enter the password to login
  5. Then select Account Information
  6. After that, your BTN account balance will appear

How to Check BTN Account Balance via Internet Banking

How to check your BTN account balance through internet banking is also an alternative that you can choose. Just by making sure you are connected to the internet, you can check your account balance anywhere without having to go to a bank, ATM, or download an application.

BTN Internet Banking is presented to facilitate services in obtaining financial information and managing banking transactions yourself via the internet on the website However, keep in mind that before accessing this BTN Internet Banking, customers need to register via the BTN ATM machine or contact the Customer Service of the Bank BTN Branch Office.

Through this feature, customers can check balances, account mutations and check bank statements. In addition, this feature also provides book-entry or transfers between Bank BTN accounts and between banks. Customers can also make purchases and pay bills, block ATM cards themselves, find out information on interest rates and exchange rates.

The method:

  1. Customers need to register through the BTN ATM machine or contact the Bank BTN Branch Customer Service
  2. If via ATM, enter your ATM card and PIN then select Internet Banking
  3. Then select the Internet Banking Registration option then Registration Approval
  4. Type the ATM PIN to activate the internet banking service and enter an active mobile number.
  5. After that, you will get an ATM receipt containing your Internet Banking user ID and PIN
  6. After the registration process is successful, customers can access the service
  7. Enter the registration code obtained via ATM or CS BTN. If successfully logged in, the customer selects the balance checking menu.

How to Check BTN Balance via SMS Banking

You can also check your BTN account balance through the SMS banking service. To use this SMS banking service, customers need to register first either through the nearest ATM or Bank BTN branch.

  1. If via ATM, enter ATM and ATM pin
  2. Select the SMS Banking option
  3. Then select SMS Banking Registration
  4. Then proceed by selecting the Registration Approval option and enter an active mobile number to access the SMS Banking service
  5. Fill in the PIN to access SMS Banking. Then wait until the ATM receipt comes out containing User ID registration and SMS Banking PIN
  6. Next, the activation code will enter the registered mobile number
  7. After that, open your device or smartphone, select the Message menu
  8. Create a new message and type Check (space) BTN balance (space) then send 3555
  9. Wait for an incoming SMS reply containing information on the remaining balance of the Bank BTN account

How to Check BTN Account Balance via Call Center

Another option for checking your BTN account balance is by contacting bank BTN Customer Service at 1500 286. You can enjoy this service for 24 hours.

However, what you need to remember is that in order to check your Bank BTN account balance through this call center, you must have sufficient credit. Because when you contact the call center, you will be asked for your identity and other information by bank officers as a condition to find out the balance of your BTN bank account.

So, that was the review on how to check the BTN account balance. You can choose the method that you think is the most practical and easy. May be useful.

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