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How to Create a BTN Bank Account via Branch Offices & Online

How to create a BTN bank account at this time is not difficult. Various options are provided by this state-owned bank to people who want to open new accounts.

Currently, most public transactions are related to the banking world. Over time, the number of people's account holdings or bank accounts also continues to grow, either for storage or other needs.

This opportunity is also used by financial institutions, especially banks, to attract potential customers. Various features and conveniences are provided by the bank to customers in opening an account.

Bank BTN or State Savings Bank is one of the banks that has a good reputation in Indonesia. This government-owned bank, which is famous for its home ownership financing (KPR) facility, not only provides home financing facilities but also provides a variety of savings products, BTN credit cards and other features.

For savings products, Bank BTN also does not want to be outdone by other banks. In addition to providing direct account submissions to banks, BTN offers a savings account opening feature via online.

For more details on how to create a Bank BTN account, the Sepulsa team has summarized some special reviews for you, as follows:

Define a Bank BTN Savings Product Account

How to create a BTN bank account, the first thing you need to do is determine the BTN bank account or savings product you need. There are various savings products provided by the bank, which was founded in 1987.

Currently available Bank BTN savings products include:

  • goog_104733910Batara BTN Savings
  • Investment BTN Savings
  • BTN Careful Savings
  • Smart Cellphone BTN Savings
  • BTN e BATARAPOS Savings
  • Champion BTN Savings
  • BTN Junior Savings
  • BTN Payroll Savings
  • Retired BTN Savings
  • Housing BTN Savings
  • BTN Prima Savings
  • BTN Savings Ready
  • Student Savings Savings
  • my savings

Each of these savings products is tailored to the needs of its customers. For example, the BTN Batara Savings is intended to support family financial activities, then there is the BTN Housing Savings to assist customers in preparing a place to live with light installments.

Likewise, for customers who need investment savings products with competitive interest rates and more flexible, BTN Investa Savings is available or for customers who want to prepare for retirement, BTN Pension Savings is available to distribute pension funds with lower administrative costs.

Each type of savings product also has different terms and conditions ranging from initial balance and deposit, interest rates, service fees, completeness of balance penalty documents, account closing fees and others. You can get more complete information about this type of savings product on the official website of Bank BTN, namely

Requirements for Opening a BTN Bank Account

The next way to create a Bank BTN account is to first complete the requirements. The terms and conditions for opening a Bank BTN account are adjusted to the type of product or savings you choose. However, the general requirement for opening a Bank BTN account is a personal identity document, namely a copy of your KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS/student card or NPWP.

For some savings products such as BTN Payroll, BTN Cermat, BTN Cermat Mobile, BTN e Batarapos, BTN e Batarapos TKI, BTN Housing, a copy of NPWP is required.

Meanwhile, certain types of products such as BTN Pension Savings require additional documents such as KARIP Identity or pension identity cards as well as Requirements for Retirement Payments through an Account to PT Taspen (Persero) or for Champion Savings and Junior Savings, a birth certificate is required for customers who do not have an ID card. .

For more details regarding other required documents, customers can find out on the official website of Bank BTN, namely

How to Create a BTN Bank Account

After determining the savings product you choose and knowing the requirements needed, you can apply for an account opening. There are two options for creating a Bank BTN account that can be chosen, namely through the nearest Bank BTN branch office or through the BTN Virtual Branch.

1. How to Create a BTN Bank Account Through the Nearest BTN Bank

The first option to open a Bank BTN account is to go directly to the nearest Bank BTN office from the customer and go to the Customer Service section. In the process of opening an account through this bank, the customer will be assisted by a bank officer until the Bank BTN account is completed.

Therefore, the way to open a Bank BTN account through this bank has become a common choice for customers so far. However, applying through this bank is quite time-consuming because customers need to queue with other customers to go to customer service.

Therefore, so that the process of opening a Bank BTN account is faster and smoother, you need to arrive early and make sure to prepare the required documents, fill out the Bank BTN account application form correctly and prepare enough money for the first deposit.

2. How to Create a BTN Bank Account Through BTN Open Account

How to create a BTN Bank account through a BTN Open Account is an alternative option if you don't have time to go to the bank or don't want to queue at the bank. The innovation of Bank BTN provides online account opening services only through a smartphone or gadget. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, in this way customers can open a Bank BTN account anywhere and anytime.

  1. Quoted from Bank BTN's official Youtube, first you need to download the BTN Digital Solution application which can be obtained from Google Play and the App Store.
  2. Then register yourself at BTN Digital Solution by clicking the settings menu and selecting the "Register Now" menu. Fill in and complete the data at BTN Digital Solution, after completing you will receive an email verification, that you have registered with BTN Digital Solution.
  3. Next, go back to the BTN Digital Solution application. To open a new account select the “New Account Opening” icon and download the BTN Open Account.
  4. After the BTN Open Account is installed, click open then fill in your complete personal data, then click next and fill in work data then click next, fill in additional information then next, click the camera icon to take your selfie, then click the finish icon to send data.
  5. Then you will receive an SMS and email notification for the registration number.
  6.  Immediately come to the nearest Bank BTN customer service to validate and activate a Bank BTN account by showing the registration number sent via SMS or email.
  7. After the validation is complete, you will get a Bank BTN passbook and debit card.

So, that was the review regarding how to create a Bank BTN account to facilitate opening a Bank BTN account. Hopefully after reading how to create a Bank BTN account you are no longer confused about opening a Bank BTN account.

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