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How to Deposit Bank BTN Cash through ATM Machines and Tellers

Are you a bank BTN customer who wants to make a cash deposit and are looking for ways to deposit bank BTN cash? If so, you need to know if the current method of depositing Bank BTN cash is easier without having to go to the nearest bank office.

Cash deposit is one of the important services for every customer of a bank. This cash deposit can be used for your own account savings, or for other account transfers.

Due to this need for cash deposits, a number of banks have innovated to provide convenience for customers, including Bank BTN. This state-owned bank provides cash deposit services not only through Bank BTN branch offices, but also through the cash deposit machine (CDM).

The development of digital technology plays a role in bringing cash deposit innovations. Now, customers can make cash deposits without having to follow bank hours, but simply look for a BTN ATM that provides cash deposit services (CDM). Customers can make cash deposits for savings purposes to their own accounts or transfer to other BTN accounts.

So, how and what are the ways to deposit Bank BTN cash, Sepulsa has summarized information regarding how to deposit Bank BTN cash for you as follows:

Cash Deposit Via Cash Deposit Machine or CDM

As mentioned above, the development of digital technology makes banks innovate to make it easier for customers to make cash deposits through cash deposit ATM machines or CDM machines.

How to deposit Bank BTN cash through a CDM machine has several stages, including:

  1. Look for a BTN ATM with a cash deposit machine or CDM
  2. Enter the BTN ATM card, then select Indonesian, enter the ATM pin
  3. After the ATM pin is successful, a display will appear containing three menu options, namely cash deposits, withdrawals and other transactions. then select cash deposit.
  4. Then the information display will appear to put money into the money box on the CDM machine. Then enter the money you want to deposit.
  5. After the money has been entered, the machine will be closed which will then be read by the machine by displaying the amount of money we entered. Then the customer will be asked to confirm whether the money entered is appropriate, then select agree if it is appropriate or cancel if it is not appropriate.
  6. Next, a choice of destination for the deposit recipient's account will appear, namely his own account or another BTN account.
  7. Choose according to customer needs, own account for savings, or other BTN accounts for transfers. Then select it and wait until the process is successful and the transaction receipt is printed.
  8. Cash deposit process was successful

Things that customers must pay attention to when depositing Bank BTN cash through a CDM machine:

  • goog_104733914Keep in mind that a maximum of 50 pieces of money can be entered in the money box.
  • The denominations deposited are Rp. 50 thousand and Rp. 100 thousand
  • The condition of the money deposited must also be in a neat condition, not torn, and not stretched

ATM, CDM, and BTN Cash Deposit

Bank BTN provides services for all transactions, namely automated teller machines (ATMs) that can serve cash withdrawals, cash deposit machines (CDM) that can accept cash deposits and also BTN non-bank ATM cash services (kiosks) to serve non-cash financial transactions.

The ATM machine service has several features that can accept cash deposits easily, quickly, and in real time. This BTN CDM ATM can accept cash deposits of Rp. 20 thousand, 50 thousand and Rp. 100 thousand. And there is also a non-cash BTN ATM that functions as a promotional medium and serves non-cash financial transactions.

Deposit Cash Through Teller

Another option for depositing Bank BTN cash that you can choose is through a teller at the nearest bank BTN branch office. How to deposit bank BTN cash in this way is like saving or transferring at a bank. You just need to go to the nearest BTN bank teller and bring the requirements such as an identity card (e-KTP), a savings book.

This method of depositing bank BTN cash through a bank teller can be done at all bank BTN branch offices.

  1. Come directly to the nearest BTN bank branch office
  2. Take the queue number for the teller
  3. Then take the available cash deposit slip form and fill in the cash deposit slip as needed. If it's filled, wait in line
  4. If the queue number arrives, submit the money to be deposited along with the cash deposit slip, along with the customer's savings and identity card.

The advantage of bank BTN cash deposits through this bank branch office, customers will be assisted by bank officers until the cash deposit is complete, so there are minimal errors. Unlike the case if cash deposits are made through a CDM machine, the cash deposit process is carried out in a shower.

Therefore, not a few customers choose the method of depositing bank BTN cash through branch offices so that they do not experience difficulties in the cash deposit process.

However, this method of depositing bank BTN cash through this bank also has its drawbacks, because it is quite time consuming for customers to visit the bank and queue up with other customers.

Therefore, in order for the bank BTN cash deposit process to be faster and smoother, customers should come early and make sure to bring the required documents.

Thus a brief review of how to deposit bank BTN cash that you can choose. Make sure to check properly during the cash deposit process to avoid failure in the cash deposit process.

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