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Benefits of an App for Insurance Agents

When it comes to keeping your clients happy, you may want to consider an app for insurance agents. The app can help increase your client retention, boost customer service and sales, as well as manage your time. These apps offer many benefits. We’ll discuss them below. To find which app works best for your needs, you might want to test them all. Check out the app shop for many more free apps.

Insurance App


Bitrix24’s app lets agents simplify their tasks and increase sales. Insurance agents are able concentrate on building relationships with their clients and looking for new opportunities for business. Bitrix24 comes with an integrated communication suite that gives insurance agents to speak directly with each their colleagues, or to join groups to collaborate on tasks. The communications suite assists agents stay on course and improves their productivity.

The Bitrix24 application is free for independent agents. It also offers CRM software, marketing via email as along with storage. Bitrix24 also provides the NowCerts (a Free AMS) to aid insurance companies to run their businesses efficiently. NowCerts is a no-cost AMS that lets you manage insurance agents on an individual basis in order to track commissions, and monitor policies. It also allows you to keep track of insurance agents. It is a crucial instrument for all insurance agents.

Bitrix24 also provides free services, which allow customers to control their customer base and ongoing deals. It also offers the ability to collaborate, similar to social media websites and an area for task management. This application can manage both personal sales as well as work for companies. But it’s not perfect. It might not include all the features companies would like however it does have the necessary functions to manage their tasks.

Automating processes is another advantage of software designed for insurance companies. The software streamlines sales and records-keeping, as well as back office functions like the processing of commissions, accounting general and various administrative tasks. Agents also can use the software to monitor their clients, which can improve the performance of marketing and sales. The software will improve workflows and give an overview of all information. In the end, it increases efficiency. It is a good complement to CRM to enhance efficiency of business.


Connectmogul is an application for insurance brokers likely to be already familiar. Connectmogul is cloud-based platform that helps you handle your communications with your customers. It is easy to design, communicate, and even write additional policy documents. It comes with pre-designed templates and even lets you add your business book. This program regardless of your previous expertise and experience, will increase the efficiency of 10 key tasks that you must complete before starting your day.

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Connectmogul includes an integrated messaging center as well as a client list and messaging center to help agents manage their clients as well as their books of business. You can add your business’s book and get automatic messages based on status. Another excellent feature is the possibility to remind clients of appointments and bundles. With all the options available to choose from, it is the ideal application for you. You may be wondering what is it that makes it different.

Connectmogul’s application can be personalized by using a variety of templates. It also offers its own website for customers. It lets clients quickly download and browse the documents insurance companies may forward to their clients. Connectmogul provides additional benefits for insurance agents. It comes with the client portal and text messages. They can be used to in automating routine tasks as well as enable cross-selling. In contrast to many other mobile applications Connectmogul charges just $99/month.

Being in the business of selling of insurance requires you to be capable and ready to handle multiple tasks. Even if your the most experienced insurance professional in the world managing your schedule can seem stressful. It’s possible to forget about your priorities or time and get distracted by the volume of work you need to accomplish. There’s no reason for you to worry. There are many options available to aid you in managing your time effectively and stay productive. It’s easier to organize your time by using these applications.


The Formstack application to help insurance brokers makes signing documents easy and secure for your company. It’s becoming more popular selling insurance on the internet or by phone. It is therefore essential that you are able to swiftly gather signatures and documents from your customers. Formstack has been endorsed by FAIA as the most appropriate software for agents in the insurance industry. The software lets agents collect customer signatures as well as documents online. It provides a range of additional benefits for insurance agents.

The Formstack app for insurance brokers assists insurance agents in creating extensive intake forms, custom policy and proposal, as well as digital contracts for their customers. It is also possible to use the app to generate digital signatures that will help reduce the risk of non-compliance with HIPAA. Formstack can also be used as a manual. Formstack also suggests taking notes of documents that are important. The app developed by Formstack for insurance agents will assist agents in managing their time.

Formstack’s software can be utilized by insurance professionals to help to create forms that can streamline manual processes and boost their efficiency. Formstack’s robust feature set allows users to create automated responses to queries based on various variables like the location or type. The app is able to create insurance-specific forms, which will cut down on time for agents. This app can also let agents create forms using their own personal information and it’s easy to use.

Formstack is a software which insurance agents can use to gather electronic signatures. It allows electronically signed signatures that can be taken from any device. Customers can sign documents electronically or through SMS. The eSignatures are legally binding due to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. Apart from being easy to use, Formstack also supports mobile devices. This lets agents forward documents to clients without the hassle of printing and mailing them.


HawkSoft’s integration with the insurance application will enable agents to access their policy information as well as ID cards as well as other data from mobile phones. With the app, clients can send important documents. Clients can also examine their policies whenever they’d like to. You can design your agency’s branding, create tasks, solicit referrals and look over the policy details. The HawkSoft insurance agent app comes with numerous benefits.

Integrated with Vertafore QQCatalyst The Insurance Agent’s App allows agents to provide optimal service to customers who are PL or CL. It’s designed to provide seamless service and communications for both the customer and agent. It allows users to receive push notifications, check their bills, and get reminders of bills in a matter of minutes. The app can be integrated seamlessly with QQ Catalyst in one click which allows users to automate crucial processes in just a few minutes.

HawkSoft integrates with The Insurance Agent Mobile Application and changes the client’s information automatically every the night. To use the app , insurance agents need to be licensed. Visit our FAQ for more details. To get started using the app visit our website now. There is a demo version that comes with the HawkSoft insurance agent application. Don’t forget to download the trial version for the HawkSoft insurance agent application. This will let you try out the features.

Insurance agent software has tools that make administration more efficient, like unifying marketing automation and CRM. Software can automate back-office tasks like appointment scheduling general business accounting reports and reports. Digital files that can be searched may be saved by clients. This allows agents to concentrate on customer relations instead of focusing on routine tasks. Along with saving time, the insurance agent software assists agents in keeping their data secure. Software also assists agents in saving time since they do not have to write down procedures.

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