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How to Register Indosat Card via SMS and Website

How to register an Indosat card for those of you who use this card is mandatory to know. Because the Government through the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology required registration for mobile operator SIM cards, both prepaid and postpaid in 2017, every new SIM card user must register before being able to use a new SIM card or number.

Users will not be able to use telecommunications services, be it sending SMS, making phone calls, let alone surfing the virtual world without registering. How much credit you top up will also be useless if your SIM card number has not been registered.

Therefore, don't forget to immediately register a phone number while buying a new starter pack. Especially for Indosat card customers, the registration method for Indosat card registration is not difficult for new users or old users who want to re-register.

However, what you need to remember for users, after knowing how to register an Indosat card, users need to prepare a population identification number (NIK) and family card number (KK number). Make sure to enter the ID number correctly, to make it easier for the Indosat card registration process to be successful.

How to Register Indosat Card

To make it easier, see the summary of how to register an Indosat card, as follows:

1. How to Register Indosat Card via SMS

The easiest way to register an Indosat card is through the SMS feature. For those of you who are new Indosat users, after inserting your first SIM card, you can open the SMS or messaging application.

  • Indosat card registration is done by sending SMS to recipient number 4444
  • Type a message with the format NIK#No.KK#
  • Then select the send menu
Once sent, wait for the incoming message to confirm that the Indosat card registration process was successful. However, if the message you receive states that the message containing the request could not be processed, do the same steps after waiting for a while

In addition to new users, existing Indosat card users can also re-register. The way to register an Indosat card for old users is also almost the same, by re-registering via SMS to number 4444, with a different writing format.

  • Type a message with the format Repeat#NIK#No.KK#
  • Then select the send menu

Just like new users, re-registering an Indosat card also waits until you receive a confirmation message that the registration process for your Indosat card is successful.

However, if you fill in your residence registration number or KK number incorrectly, then you will get a message telling you that the number you entered is incorrect. If so, you can simply repeat the SMS format by making sure the number you entered is correct.

2. How to Register Indosat Card Through Website

Apart from SMS, Indosat card registration can also be done through the official website Like the previous review, Indosat provides complete information related to it through its official website.

On the main page of the Indosat Ooredoo website, various service options are listed. You just need to select the Starter Card Activation menu to find out how to register an Indosat card.

  • After selecting the starter card activation, you will be provided with a telephone number field along with a verification code.
  • Next, enter your SIM card number along with the message verification code you received via SMS, then select verification.
  • After that, on the next page, you will be asked to enter your NIK number and KK number, make sure the contents are correct and then select verification.
  • If you have entered your data correctly, then the Indosat card registration process will automatically be successful.

Help Services for Indosat Users

In addition to the registration method for Indosat cards, Indosat also provides assistance services that make it easier for users if they encounter problems in communicating. In its official website, Indosat provides Indosat care services that have a variety of options.

Starting from cell phone settings, ordering starter packs, discussions to help portals. Users will be directed according to their needs or problems.

In addition, Indosat also provides communication channels for users who want to ask questions directly, starting from email at, then official twitter care, IM3 care, and official IM3 whatsapp.

How, isn't it easy to register for an Indosat card? So make sure the Indosat card has been registered.

You need to remember that registration of a prepaid SIM card is important to protect you from frauds committed via SMS, telephone or other crimes. In addition, registration is also useful to protect you from attempts to misuse your phone number.

As a telecommunications provider that has been established since 1967, Indosat provides a lot of information regarding the services provided to users, either through the website, call center services, sms or social media. Including how to register an Indosat card, it is also available in a variety of information options.

This is because this cellular operator with a yellow logo is aware of the needs of its many users. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Indosat announced the total number of its users was 60.3 million subscribers.

This number is relevant to Indosat's coverage in several areas of Indonesia. As of 2019, the operator which has now changed to Indosat Ooredoo claims its reach reaches 422 districts/cities throughout Indonesia.

How to Extend Indosat's Active Period

If there are three ways to check the active period, there are several ways to extend the active period of an Indosat card:

1. Extend the active period of the Indosat card with top-up credit

You can extend the active period of your Indosat card by buying credit to your Indosat phone number. You can go to an outlet or pulse shop near your location, or buy electronically via mobile banking, internet banking, or digital wallets such as OVO, Shoppepay, Gopay and so on.

If the credit has increased, your active period will also automatically increase according to the amount of credit you bought.

It's very easy to check and extend Indosat's active period in this way, isn't it?

2. Extend the active period of the Indosat card by exchanging credit

The option to extend the active period of this Indosat card can be done, if you still have balance or remaining credit, but your active period is almost up

You can exchange credit with available credit according to the addition of the active period of the Indosat card that you want.

  • You simply enter the message application menu, select a new message, then type 555 for the recipient's contact
  • Then type in the message content box with the active period code you want, then select the send menu
  • Active3 for three days for IDR 2 thousand
  • Active14 for 14 days for IDR 5 thousand

Isn't it easy to check and extend Indosat's active period? Therefore, you should check and extend Indosat's active period to avoid the number being unable to be used because the active period has expired, or even forfeited if it has passed the grace period.

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